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Yo, listen up, I got some legal advice,
For all y’all needing to roll the dice.
Whether it’s a domestic partnership or a rental agreement,
Or some military leave laws, you know I’m heaven-sent.

First up, let’s talk about aboriginal legal rights,
They’re important to respect, no fights.
For my folks down under, it’s crucial to understand,
The laws that govern the land.

Now, how long is a domestic partnership?
Is it like a sentence, without a skip?
Well, here’s all the information you need to know,
So you can let your love flow and grow.

For those going through a tough time,
And need legal advice to make it all rhyme,
Don’t worry, I got you covered,
expert guidance for the troubled.

New rental agreement rules for 2021,
check it out, it’s just begun.
You need to be in the know,
To avoid any legal blow.

Is hiring an unlicensed contractor illegal?
Yes, it is, and it’s not some kind of a sequel.
Legal issues explained, so you don’t end up miserable,
And everything turns out to be stable.

For my brothers and sisters in the military,
Here’s a guide just for you, it’s necessary.
So you know your rights when it’s time to deploy,
And not get caught in some legal ploy.

Short-term tenancy agreement in the UK,
Everything you need to know, okay?
Don’t get caught up in any legal fray,
Just listen to what I gotta say.

Looking for legal benefits with ARAG?
They got you covered, no need to brag.
Uncover your coverage options,
And avoid any legal distortions.

Dealing with a separation,
Here’s a sample NC separation agreement for your elation.
You don’t need to feel the sensation,
When you got all the information.

Looking for a legal internship at Verizon,
Gain valuable experience in the legal field, it’s gonna be fun.
So come on and take a run,
Learn from the best, shine like the sun.