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In Three Houses alone, you’ll be able to have tea with the students, give them items, and flirt with them, which in turn causes the sport to become as a lot a dating simulator as anything. Fire Emblem, particularly Three Houses, is thought for having an excellent cast of characters that stand out from one another in huge ways. You have the quiet and introverted girl with highly effective magic talents, a heartbroken instructor who simply wants a faithful companion, a playboy who bleeds confidence, and many different distinct personalities. Doesn’t matter if they’re single, in a relationship, or married. However, if you solely want to see single sims on the app that are the identical age as your sim, you’ll have to install a few of the optional add-ons. If your sim is noncommittal or simply in search of a quick and straightforward method to blow off click here for more some steam, this is the choice for you.