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okcoin review

They have 100+ employees with offices in San Francisco, Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Okcoin supports crypto purchases with credit cards, offers spot and margin trading, and provides earning opportunities through staking and DeFi lending. Okcoin also allows users to enable recurring payments to easily dollar-cost-average into their investments automatically.

The OKCoin exchange does not offer as many cryptocurrency assets as many other cryptocurrency exchanges but makes up for it with the advanced trade types. The cryptocurrencies available for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash, and they can all be traded against both USD and CNY. Overall, using Okcoin is highly suited to beginners that are purchasing crypto with fiat and want a basic exchange to monitor their investment performance.

Buying Cryptocurrency

Okcoin features the more stable and advanced trading exchange for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The platform is developed to cater to the needs of professional traders, but simultaneously it is simple to use for beginners as well. Worth mentioning, bank accounts added for instant transfers will not work for wire transfers. If you want to use your bank account for wire transfers, add your bank again and route info while creating the wire transfer.

For more information on fees, click here to skip to the fees section. Level 1 verification requires personal information such as; name, nationality, birth date, Passport or ID number and address. Users can buy and sell up to $5,000 with basic verification only.

  • As alluded to, Okcoin allows users to earn through either staking or lending.
  • The most unbelievable experience I’ve ever had in the crypto space.
  • The 10 day holding period before withdrawals become available is a security measure we put in place to ensure the integrity of the funds in your account.
  • The fee structure imposed by OKCoin is very low for both the Chinese and International markets.
  • The design of the web and mobile app is specifically tailored for ease of use and simplicity.

The last thing you want is for someone to access your account and wipe out your stash. The exchanges protect your deposits through keeping 95% of your crypto in offline storage, providing around-the-clock transaction monitoring, and offering multi-factor encryption. The fee structure imposed by OKCoin is very low for both the Chinese and International markets. The trading fees are based on a sliding scale that refers to monthly volume on the exchange. Maker fees are non-existent, while taker fees vary but drop as trading volume increases, (taker fees range from 0.20% – 0.10%).

Okcoin Review About Fees

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, please feel free to message us at and our customer support team can take a closer look. While I will admit, sometimes the app gets a little confusing. Sometimes you have to go to different pages for access to different things. I have Coinbase, KuCoin, BlockFi, Bittrex, BitMart, Binance US, various other small exchanges where I bought a one-off coins, and various wallets.

Okcoin: Definition, Company History, Current Operations – Investopedia

Okcoin: Definition, Company History, Current Operations.

Posted: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 11:33:57 GMT [source]

The global Okcoin users’ key target market is Asia and China. It offers over 30 trading pairs and advanced features for beginners and high-volume traders in 192 countries worldwide. Okcoin is a registered MSB or Money Services Business with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. It aims to continue making crypto assets accessible to all customers, complying with the high regulatory compliance standards.

Customer Support & Reviews

We will also cover the promotions currently being offered by Okcoin. Opening an Okcoin account is fairly straightforward. Once you click on the “Sign Up” button, you can create an account using your email or phone number. You can also connect your Okcoin account to your Google or Telegram account to make it easier to sign in. For example, Okcoin might allow you to stake Stacks (STX) and receive Bitcoin as a reward. You could also earn extra yield in Compound (COMP) by allowing your supply of USD Coin (USDC) to be used in a borrowing pool.

okcoin review

The information in our reviews could be different from what you find when visiting a financial institution, service provider or a specific product’s website. All products and services are presented without warranty. That’s why you should carefully weigh this exchange against the competition. Find out more about other cryptocurrency exchanges worth your consideration.

Does OKCoin use MetaTrader?

The default view shows the basic interface and includes all the tools required to view the current price of the selected asset, choose an order type, entry price and amount. Switching to the full-screen mode brings up more functionality and the ability to choose between Okcoin’s native charting platform or TradingView. Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) is a very simple and easy method for individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies. Okcoin offers DCA for users to gradually build a position over time by purchasing a small amount each day, week, month, or bi-monthly regardless of the asset price. In a volatile market, using a recurring order is beneficial to average into a position that can work well during a bull market.

Cryptocurrencies To Watch: Week of December 19 – Investopedia

Cryptocurrencies To Watch: Week of December 19.

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By offering a variety of features and resources, Okcoin is a great option for both beginners and experienced investors alike. If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, Okcoin provides a great user interface that is easy to navigate. The platform also offers a variety of resources and tutorials that can help you get started with trading.

Hi James, thank you for taking the time to reach out with your review. It sounds like the risk team just needs to do a quick review of your account before they can release your funds. You can reach them directly at or send us a direct message on Twitter @okcoinhelpdesk and we’d be happy to expedite a solution for this.

When you visit Okcoin, you will get the option at the top right corner to signup. The whole procedure is simple and you can start trading or investing right after verifying your account and identity. Fast forward to today, and Okcoin is making an effort to break into the US crypto market.

How Does Okcoin Compare?

We’d be more than happy to help reach a solution on this. Fees for trading cryptocurrencies are based on 11 unique tiers, P0 to P10. These fees are determined by your 30-day trading volume and are charged based on the cryptocurrency that you buy. For example, P0 is the bottom tier for individuals who trade less than $100,000 USD – users would incur a 0.10% maker and 0.20% taker fee, respectively.

OKCoin’s supported currencies appear downright meagre next to the constantly expanding crypto lists of its competitors. The company places a premium on customer experience and satisfaction. To achieve these ends, OKCoin’s team makes transparency, reliability, and support vital features.