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Gourlay perform decline the fresh new Mayoralty, which Dawson Turner, Esq

Oct. 16th.-Mr. Dixon, of Norwich, had fitting in the tracing of the easternmost windows regarding St. Nicholas’ Chapel which have stained cup, additionally the rounded articles that was removed if the Fishermen’s gallery is centered, had been are restored.

For the Sunday an incredibly high people out-of men and you can tradesmen had observed the fresh new Mayor so you can Chapel, they being the big date designated with the Federal thanksgiving into secure. Afterwards Their Praise entertained all of them from the City Hall, upwards of eight hundred welcomes was actually sent for this luncheon.

Coals was basically very scarce. For the earlier in the day Tuesday a motorboat had turned up and you will marketed her products at 21s. for every flood.

Messrs. T. Lettis, T. Hammond, and you will S. Crow, who have been old people in you to definitely muscles, therefore dropping its seats regarding Council.

Walpole, C

On Area Council conference on the 9th, Mr. Geo. Danby Palmer went and you will Mr. Roentgen. Hammond seconded, Philip Pullyn, Esq., to have Mayor.

To own Mr. Pullyn-Messrs. Cobb, Pike, Fellows, Barker, Roentgen. Hammond, p. 127 H. D. Palmer, P. Light, Owles, Lawn, D. A great. Gourlay, an, Lettis, G. D. Palmer, Compartments, Symonds, Cannell, and you can Clarke.-21.

To own Mr. Burroughs-Messrs. Bessey, Worship, C. Miller, Ferrier, Jay, Plummer, Smith, W. H. Palmer, John Hammond, Rivett, Preston, W. Hammond, and you may Rivett.-thirteen.

The fresh new retiring Aldermen was basically Messrs. John Brightwen, C. S. D. Steward, Good. Steward, W. Pearson, and you can S. Cobb. Nine men, was in fact nominated in order to complete the towns, and following is the result of the fresh voting:-

Dr. C. L. Robinson had brought good lecture on the Hygienic standing off Yarmouth, and then he alluded pointedly toward Firm. This is felt very uncourteous toward Gran, who’d presided on the occasion.

p. 128 1848.

New “Earl Gray,” London buyer, had been forgotten. It absolutely was mentioned that thirty-five years had elapsed given that an identical destiny had befallen one among them ships.

The month of january. 8th.-Four vessels is suitable out to the sole and you can turbot fishery from the style of the brand new Barking smacks.

The month of january. 22nd.-The following subscription baseball ended up being stored in the Urban area Hallway, 120 people have been establish, the new Stewards getting Capt. Ellis, R.N., and you can Richard Bell, William H. Palmer, W. Praise, and C. J. Palmer, Esqs.

Feb. tavata bosnian naiset twelfth.-Next Committee was actually designated to try the Yarmouth Petition:-Mr. Elizabeth. Ellice, Mr. Charles Lushington, Mr. W. H. C. Plowden, and you may Mr. H. Stuart, and had picked Mr. Ker Seymour their president. Facts got after that become pulled in addition to procedures adjourned.

Mr. Goldsmid got come to the “Regal,” but actually his personal members of the family was out of view one to his visit try “inopportune,” compliment of the latest Committee that have required brand new disfranchisement of your own freemen.

Feb. 26th.-A requisition was being signed requesting Mr. John E. Lacon to offer themselves while the a candidate to the Borough.

March 11th.-A keen election to own a councillor regarding Nelson Ward, so you’re able to complete the vacancy for the reason that the fresh death of Mr. W. Chambers had been held below:-

Three hundred lazy letters had went on towards the Workhouse and you will demanded out-door recovery, however, distribute toward look of the fresh new Mayor and a few constables.

p. 129 April eighth.-Mr. W. R. Last had erected a lit up time clock inside the King Highway that was a housing towards population.

Messrs. George Danby Palmer and John Barker got selected Retreat Commissioners, and you will Messrs. D. Good. Gourlay and R. Hammond Supernumary Commissioners.

April 15th.-The fresh new Livingston (Whigs), and you may Robert Snap and John E. Barnby (Tories) Overseers instead of the new “party” nominations hitherto produced from these types of authorities.

May sixth.-The fresh fair “in the event pretty much attended as much as amounts try worried was altogether due to the fact spiritless something since will be desired.”