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Once the Altair defeated Basilisk’s guards, the latest shrine opened, starting an exit

Once the Altair defeated Basilisk’s guards, the latest shrine opened, starting an exit

Altair arrived at the fresh new tower and you can navigated their cure for the Grasp, a keen Assassin-such contour who had been actually a high-positions Templar. The particular owner tried to encourage your to join brand new Templar Purchase, but Altair denied, murdered the proprietor, and got new map toward Temple regarding Sand.

Visiting the new forehead, Altair featured the top portion and made his way to the latest Chalice’s antechamber, dispatching shields as he did very. The guy in the future located brand new shrine of your own Chalice, shaped when you look at the gold, at the center away from a granite mainstay accessible because of the four bridges. He made their solution to the shrine in advance of future face-to-deal with with Basilisk, which said the latest Chalice’s correct characteristics: she was no artifact, however, a lady.

Moving off, Altair got in the rubble and discovered the newest forehead start to collapse around him. He fled a nearing sandstorm and you may avoided obstacles designed because of the shedding particles to flee the bedroom. Up on interacting with shelter, he appreciated that Basilisk had stated company he previously regarding city of Tyre and you may, wasting little time, easily produced their long ago towards town.

Hunt for the Tyre

Up on to arrive when you look at the Steering wheel once more, Altair confronted by Hamid and you can informed the fresh keeper he had been lookin having Basilisk. Hamid mentioned that just like the Assassins used to have one or two agents which have usage of the latest fortress, they’d started kidnapped a short while ago. The guy recommended to help you Altair that he browse by way of a number of obstacles above deadly seas, which could ultimately head him in it. Read more